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The best medical care for patients from all over the world – at MVZ im Helios in Munich renowned orthopedic specialists, neurosurgeons, and anesthetists work closely together under one roof to ensure you recover quickly. Every one of our highly qualified physicians is an expert in one of more medical fields, so the entire spectrum of modern orthopedic and neurosurgical diagnostics and therapy is covered: Whether your ailment has to do with the spine or a joint (for example, the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, or ankle), or whether a foot or toe misalignment or a motor impairment of the hand needs to be alleviated. For every dysfunction, illness, and injury of the musculoskeletal system we offer you individual health care, precisely tailored to your clinical picture and your needs – from preventive care to individual postoperative treatments, from diagnostics using state-of-the-art medical technology to conservative and operative therapies based on the most advanced scientific research and developments.

We treat our patients according to systematic therapy: We advise having an operation only after conservative methods have not resulted in an improvement. Today, modern minimally invasive methods with a high success rate allow for low-risk procedures that are gentle on the patient and frequently allow the patient to resume his or her normal everyday routine a few days after the operation – symptom-free.

We conduct all operations in renowned clinics that are recognized for their excellent service and high medical standards. The high-tech operation rooms have state-of-the-art equipment – ideal conditions for the surgeons of MVZ im Helios to perform outpatient and inpatient operations safely, gently and efficiently.

You can download our patient brochure here for an overview of the spectrum of our medical services.

Patient-friendly Service

What distinguishes MVZ im Helios is not only the specialized medical competence the clinic offers, but also its extremely patient-friendly service. You are treated at our clinic in a flexible manner with multidisciplinary therapies and treatments, without having to travel a long way or wait for a long time. If requested, we can also find for you a comfortable place to stay if, for example, you are coming from abroad or are undergoing a special treatment that requires a longer stay in Munich.

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